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Civil Service
  • Senior, Junior and Elementary
  • Certificate in Business Administration
  • TIIBS Certificate in Business Administration
  • Customer Relationship Management Certificate
  • TIMS Professional Marketing Proficiency Test in Marketing Administration, etc.
  • Certificate in Human Resource Administration (IPMA-ATS Level 5 / Assistant Manager).
  • Securities Specialist
  • Senior Securities Specialist
  • Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Professionals
  • Securities Investment Analyst
  • Futures Specialist
  • Insurance Sales (Personal property coverage)
  • Insurance Agent (Personal property coverage)
  • Insurance Broker (Poersonal property coverage)
  • Notary (Maritime general insurance)
  • Insurance Assessors
  • Insurance Claims Adjuster
  • Insurance Actuary
Real Estate
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Professional Lland Registration Agent

Computer Proficiency

  • Word Processing Certificate
  • TQC Computer Proficiency Test
  • Microsoft, Novell, CISCO, Sun Java, LINUX, Multi-Media Application, etc.


  • General English Proficiency Test
  • JLPT

License Examination Timetable 



Expected Semester

Securities Specialist

Securities Regulations and Practice 

Securities Investment and Financial Statement Analysis

Second Semester of Freshman Year

Trust Specialist

Trust Regulations

Trust Practices

Second Semester of Freshman Year

Financial Planning Specialist

Financial Tools 

Financial Planning Practice

First Semester of

Sophomore Year

Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Professionals

Investment Trust and Consulting Regulations (Including Self-disciplinary Rules) 

Securities Investment and Financial Analyst 

Securities Regulations and Practice 

First Semester of

Sophomore Year

International Banking Personnel (Entry-level)

Foreign Exchange Personnel

Export & Import Foreign Exchange Personnel

Second Semester of Sophomore Year

Structured Products Sales

Principles and Practices of Structured Products

Introduction to Financial Derivatives

Principles, Practices, and Regulations of Bond Market

Second Semester of Sophomore Year

Property and Casualty Insurance Sales

Property Insurance Practices

Property Insurance Regulations

First Semester of Junior Year

Life Insurance Sales

Insurance Regulations

Insurance Practices

Financial Markets and Professional Ethics

First Semester of Junior Year

Investment-oritented Life Insurance Products Sales

Theories and Regulations of Investment Insurance

Introduction to the Financial System

Regulations and Mechanism of Securities Investment Trust


Before Graduation