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鍾孟達 助理教授


Professor Meng-Ta Chung

PhD in Measurement and Evaluation, Columbia University

Specialities Bayesian Statistice、Computational Statistics、Psychometric Theories、Design of Experiment、Human Resources Management、Machine Learning Techniques、Meta Analysis



Professional Experiences 

  • 長庚科技大學後博士研究員
  • 世新大學後博士研究員
  • 若瑟醫院助理研究員
  • 台北榮民總醫院後博士研究員

Journal Papers

  1. "Detecting the Health Status of Multiethnic Women in Taiwan" Joumal of Asian Heslth.2017

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

  1. "The impact of satisfaction on college student's retention:using grade as a moderator" Conference on Innovative strategies on Higher Education and Applications for Institutional Research,Taipei.2017

  2. "Investigating the relationship between physical fitness and academic grade by hierarchical linear models" Conference on New Concept and Research on Institutional Research,Hsinchu.2017

  3. "The impact of interpersonal interaction on intention to drop out among college students:using satisfaction as a mediator"Conference on New Concept and Research on Institutional Research,Hsinchu.2017

  4. "Developing a Poor-Supervision Scale"International Conference on Healthcare and Management 2015,Taipei.2015

  5. "Issues in Using Repeated Measures ANOVA:Perspectives from Bayesian Statistics and Hierarchical Linear Models"International Conference on Healthcare and Management ,Taipei.2015

  6. "Developing A Polytomous DINA model"Annual Meeting of National Council on Measurement in Education,Philadelphia,PA.2014


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