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王珊彗 助理教授


Assistant Professor Wang, Shan-Huei

Ph.D, Department and Graduate Institute of Business Administration, National Taiwan University


International strategy management, Operation and Innovation management, Service and operation management, Methodology Research



  • Postdoctoral, Technology Policy and Industry Development Research Center, National Taiwan University 
  • Lecturer in Soochow University
  • Lecturer in Shin Chien University

Journal Papers

  •    Chang, J.H., Zhu, Y. Q., Wang, S. H., & Li, Y. J. (2018). Would You Change Your Mind? An Empirical Study of Social Impact Theory on Facebook.” Telematics & Informatics, 35(1), 282-292. (SSCI:3.398, 10/85 in Information Management & Library science)
  •          陳忠仁、郭瑞祥、劉又蜜、王珊彗*(2018)。動態能力演化─王品集團之經營發展與轉型策略。產業管理論壇, 19(4). (TSSCI,管一學門組織與管理領域推薦期刊)
  •           Wang, S. H. (2017). Web-based medical service: technology attractiveness, medical Creditability, Information Source, and Behavior Intention. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 19(7): e285 (SCI:5.17, 1/24 in Medical Informatics; 4/90 in Healthcare Science & Service).
  •         Chang, J. H., & Wang, S. H. (2016). Good products will not betray you. YMC Management Review, 9 (1), 47-60.
  •         Wu, J. J., & Wang, S. H. (2010). Exploring asymmetrical information transmission processes in online auctions. Internet Research, 20(5), 495-508.  (SSCI:2.93, 27/89 in Telecommunications; 34/146 in Computer Science, Information Systems)

Conference Papers

  1. Chen. C. J., Guo, R. S., Wang, S. H*& Lin, Y (2018). Power distance diversification and business group performance- a S curve hypotheses, Academic of Management (AOM), Chicago, USA
  2. Chen. C. R., Guo, R. S., Wang, S. H.* & Lin, Y. H. (2018). Diversification of Business Group: Capability, Strategy, and Performance. Academy of International Business (AIB), Minneapolis, USA.
  3. Chang, J. H., & Wang, S. H.* (2018). Why international processes may not always produce positive performance, International conference on Business and Information (BAI), Okinawa, Japan.  
  4. Chang, J. H., & Wang, S. H.* (2017). How does resource allocation, resource similarity affect portfolio restructuring? International Symposium on Business and Management (ISBM), Kyoto, Japan.  
  5. Wang, S. H.* & Chang, J. H. (2016). Exploring the acceptance of potential users in web-based medical service. International Conference on Business and Information (BAI), Nagoya, Japan.
  6. Chang, J. H., & Wang, S. H. (2016). Overcome the “betrayal aversion”: prior experience, brand image, and official announcement. Global Business Conference Winter (GBC), Tinges, France.
  7. Chen. C. R., Guo, R. S., Lin, Y. H., & Wang, S. H.* (2014). Parent-subsidiary linkage: how resource commitment and resource similarity influence firm performance. Academy of International Business (AIB), Vancouver, Canada.
  8. Wang, S. H. (2012) A technology-medical innovation services. The New England Journal of Medicine’s 200th Anniversary Essay Contest (NEJM), Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. (Best paper)
  9. Yu, J. U., Guo, R. S., & Wang, S. H. (2011). Innovative tele-health business model for patients with cardiovascular disease, Decision Sciences Institute Conference, Boston, MA.
  10. Wu, J. J., & Wang, S. H. (2007). Can sellers create extra profit in information asymmetry environment in online market? Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. U. S. A.


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