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Guo-Zhou Lai Ph.D. Department of Jouralism, National chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan.


Ching-Wen Lin
Master of Business Administration University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)
Doctor of Business Administration Nova Southeastern University


Financial operations management, International financial , Financial information systems

Jin-Ji Chen Ph.D., Department of Industrial Economics, Tamkang University


Area of Expertise: Management of Financial Products and Institutions

Ming-Chun Tsai Ph.D, Department of Applied Mathematics, Chiao Tung University


Research Methods, Big Data Analysis, Service Marketing, Service Quality Management、Optimal Solution Analysis

Chung-Mo Koo

Ph.D., in Economics, University of Missouri-Columbia, U.S.A.


Macroeconomics, Money & banking, Public economics, International economics

UMEHARA KATSUHIKO LL.B., University of Tokyo (Faculty of Law)


South East Asian StudyInternational Trade PolieyPublie Poliey

Steffi Yang PhD in Economics, University of Cambridge


Behavioral Economics, Business Model Analysis & Competitive Strategy, Entrepreneurship & New Venture Applications

Cheng-Shian Lin Ph.D. Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Chung Cheng University, Chia-Yi, Taiwan.


Mobile financial, Data mining, Machine learning, Evolutionary computation

Wan-Ju Liang Ph.D. in Marketing, Oxford Brookes University, UK.


Marketing, E-Marketing, Consumer behavior, Tourism marketing

Che-Nan Kuo Ph.D., Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan


Computer programming, Fault-tolerace embedding of interconnection networks, Graph theory, Algorithm design and analysis, Combination optimization

Shan-Huei Wang Ph.D,Department and Graduate Institute of Business Administration, National Taiwan University


International strategy management, Operation and Innovation management, Service and operation management, Methodology Research

Meng-Ta Chung PhD in Measurement and Evaluation, Columbia University


Bayesian Statistice, Computational Statistics, Psychometric Theories, Design of ExperimentHuman Resources ManagementMachine Learning TechniquesMeta Analysis

Andrew du Boulay Ph.D. James Cook University(Australia) School of Business,Law and Governance 


Hong-lin Dong Ms.D, Industrial Engineering and Engineering management, National Tsing Hua University


Operation Management, Application of Computer Technology, Service Management, Operation Research

Cai-Yang Dai Master of Business, Accounting, Ming Chuan University


Accounting, Local & Offshore Tax Management & consulting


吳一揆 美國羅徹斯特大學 企業管理學系碩士

現職    中國信託金控執行副總經理

李文宏 美國加州州立大學 企業管理學系碩士

現職    中國信託銀行資深副總經理

施景富 德州大學Austin 企業管理學系碩士

現職    中國信託銀行資深副總經理

郝建生 國立中山大學 中山學術研究所碩士

現職    高雄捷運公司董事

高人傑 美國波士頓大學 新聞所碩士

現職    中國信託金控執行副總經理

孫紀蘭 台大新研所碩士

現職    中國信託銀行副總經理

陳允進 南開大學 政治經濟學系碩士

現職    中國信託商業銀行日本事業執行長

黃志中 美國印第安那大學 布魯明頓校區企業管理學系碩士

現職    中國信託銀行資深副總經理

蔡文河 國立臺灣大學 商學系碩士

現職    神準科技董事長

薛香川 美國威斯康辛大學 生化營養學系博士

現職    台灣彩券董事長

顏文熙 美國愛荷華州 私立柏林頓大學 企業管理博士

現職    台灣運動彩券董事長

Catholic University of Louvain  Philosophy Ph.D.